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HedoniSPA regilations


HedoniSPA Regulations

§1. General Information

1. These Regulations specify the rules of using HedoniSPA zone located at the level -1 of Piwniczna Hotel SPA&Conference and a beautician's studio located at the first floor of Piwniczna Hotel SPA&Conference.

2. HedoniSPA Regulations shall apply to all the users. HedoniSPA Regulations ensure safety, order and cleanliness in the premises. As of purchasing a ticket or registering in Piwniczna Hotel SPA&Conference, every User (Visitor) shall accept the provisions of the Regulations and all the remaining rules connected with ensuring safety.

3. It is strictly forbidden to pollute and destroy the premises and to behave in a way resulting in a possible risk of losing health or life of the facility users, including but not limited to pouring water onto temperature sensors, closing ventilation diffusers, pouring out fragrance oils or other substances onto stoves in sauna or any other interference with technical infrastructure. Persons not adhering to the aforementioned rules shall be liable for all damage to persons and property caused by their behaviour and they may be expelled from the premises and banned from accessing it.

4. Using a cloakroom (change room) and clothes lockers is obligatory for external Users. Our Hotel Guests shall prepare for entering HedoniSPA in their rooms.

5. Staying in cloakrooms and near the cloakrooms is permitted only for the purpose of changing clothes. The User (Visitor) shall store all its belongings in clothes lockers.

6. Clothes lockers are dedicated for clothes only. In order to store valuables such as money, jewellery, etc. the User (Visitor) must use a safe in the Hotel Reception. If the User (Visitor) wants to store valuables, it must apply to HedoniSPA personnel. Leaving any valuables outside a dedicated safe shall be the sole responsibility of the User (Visitor).

7. The User (Visitor) of the facility is obliged to check correct closing of clothes lockers and appropriate storing of a transponder. If a transponder is lost, the content of the locker is handed over to the visitor upon detailed inspection and the User's (Visitor's) presenting of evidence of being the owner of the items.

8. Before leaving the facility, it is necessary to open clothes lockers.

9. Any found items must be handed over to the facility personnel. Piwniczna Hotel SPA&Conference shall manage such items in accordance with applicable statutory provisions.

10. The facility personnel shall be entitled to the right of a host towards the Users (Visitors). The facility management shall be entitled to order leaving the facility and to issue permanent or temporary prohibition of using the facility by persons who behave against the provisions of the Regulations and rules, including but not limited to persons, whose behaviour may result in a risk of health or life loss of the facility users and whose behaviour is against good manners, sauna culture or against moral and ethical rules.

11. A failure to adhere to the aforementioned rules may be regarded as an attempt to disturb the peace in HedoniSPA and it may result in undertaking penal legal measures against the culprit. In such cases, the costs of purchasing a ticket shall not be subject to reimbursement.

12. The facility management may limit, entirely or partially, a possibility of using the facility if such a need arises (e.g. in the absence of vacancies, in an urgent situation, etc.)

§2. Conditions of Entering HedoniSPA

1. To any issues not settled herein, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

2. Every User (Visitor) shall take care of a transponder received at the entry. It is forbidden to transfer it or rent to any third parties.

3. If the facility personnel states that the User (Visitor) does not care for the transponder or other property (towels, dressing gowns, etc.) appropriately, it may be deemed as the gross infringement of the regulations resulting in all legal consequences of this fact. Notwithstanding the above, the Visitor may be charged with the costs of the damage to the property entrusted.

4. HedoniSPA must be left not later than by 10:00 p.m.

a) swimming pool zone and salt grotto are textile zones available for all visitors, excluding persons referred to herein, item 5 letter c).
b) saunas, bathrooms, bathtubs with hydro-massage, impression shower, submersion well and ice-fall are available to those over 18 years old.
c) HedoniSPA may be used by everyone excluding persons suffering from contagious diseases (pursuant to the Act of 13 July 2012 on preventing and counteracting contagious diseases among humans and the Act of the National Sanitary Inspection) and persons suffering from contagious or unaesthetic rash, with visible open cuts (apart from minor cuts) and those under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants. In any doubtful cases, it is necessary to submit a relevant certificate and the facility manager shall decide on admitting such persons to the premises.

6. Persons suffering from occasional muscle cramps, faints, epilepsy, blood circulation disorders, as well as with mental disorders may use HedoniSPA only under the supervision of a guardian who is obliged to report the disorders of a person under its supervision to the facility management / personnel.

7. Children under the age of 18, blind persons, persons who are not able to move around, undress and change without the help of others may use HedoniSPA only under the supervision of a guardian.

8. Children and adults using nappies are obliged to use special disposable nappies for bathing.

9. It is strictly forbidden to carry your own food, drinks and to bring alcohol and intoxicants into the facility. Should there be any doubts as to the sobriety of persons using or wanting to use HedoniSPA services, the facility personnel may measure the alcohol content in the exhausted air by means of a special instrument or call the Police to control the sobriety of such persons.

10. It is forbidden to carry any hazardous objects into HedoniSPA, such as: glass packaging, containers under pressure (including deodorants, hair sprays, etc.), knives and other sharp objects. Such items must be left in clothes lockers.

§3. Special Provisions concerning Behaviour in the Swimming Pool Zone.

1. Swimming pool users are obliged to abandon activities which are contradictory to good manners and which pose a risk to safety, peace and order. These, among others, include:

a) spitting, chewing a gum and any other attempt to pollute the swimming pool and water which can be avoided,
b) jumping to the swimming pool,
c) hanging on ladders, bars,
d) running,
e) pushing or throwing others to the swimming pool,
f) reserving chairs and folding chairs,
g) movement games and plays with the use of a ball beyond dedicated places or assigned by the facility personnel.

2. It is forbidden to carry the following into HedoniSPA:

a) musical instruments,
b) sound producing devices,
c) TVs,
d) animals.

3. Furthermore, in the swimming pool zone it is forbidden to take photos, make films by means of cameras, video cameras and mobiles without prior permission.

4. Users (Visitors) of HedoniSPA are obliged to move around barefooted or in adequate swimming footwear in all designated rooms, starting from changing cabins, through showers, and finishing in the zone of saunas and swimming pools, with utmost watchfulness due to high humidity at HedoniSPA and a skidding risk. The Users moving around the facility without special swimming footwear are responsible for themselves (they bear sole liability for skidding, getting infected by viruses, bacteria, etc.).

5. Before entering a swimming pool or a sauna, the User (Visitor) is obliged to take a bath with the use of appropriate cosmetics or washing cosmetics. Using bathing cosmetics outside shower cabins is strictly forbidden.

6. All the persons within HedoniSPA are obliged to adhere to the instructions of the facility personnel.

7. It is forbidden to smoke in the premises.

§4. Special Provisions concerning the Use of Saunas

§4.1. General Information

1. Using saunas is permitted by persons over the age of 18, excluding days with special sauna sessions for children – the dates shall be posted on the facility websites and in informative materials in the reception and hotel rooms.

2. The Users (Visitors) are obliged to take a bath before entering HedoniSPA, saunas or steam bathrooms.

3. Sauna zone is a nudeness zone.

4. Saunas may be used only by healthy persons. The following persons are banned from entering saunas:

a) with aggressive skin diseases,
b) with septic infections,
c) with acute virus infection (e.g. flu),
d) with acute inflammation conditions of body organs,
e) with acute or not treated tuberculosis,
f) with heart diseases,
g) with heart arrest,
h) with decompression symptoms,
i) with abrupt disease conditions such as epilepsy,
j) within the first three months after a stroke,
k) with vein inflammation,
l) with severe vegetative disorders of the central nervous system,
m) with severe blood circular system disorders,
n) with inflammable and partially healed skin diseases and eczema.

By entering the sauna zone, the User (Visitor) confirms that its health condition is not a counter-indication for using this type of recreation.

5. In the sauna zone it is forbidden to use mobiles, cameras, video cameras and computers.

6. For hygiene and safety reasons, it is forbidden to carry food and drinks from the outside to the sauna zone and consume them.

§4.2. Behaviour in saunas

1. It is required to enter the sauna barefooted.

2. Seats in the dry sauna may be taken only after covering them with a sauna towel. It applies also to a foot rest and a back rest.

3. The sauna and its equipment may be operated only by HedoniSPA personnel. It is forbidden to use own fluids, essence, oils or other substances for steam bath. It is strictly forbidden to put any objects (e.g. towels, coats and bathing sheets) near the stove or on it due to a fire risk.

4. While staying in separate sauna rooms it is necessary to note the temperature difference and be aware of one’s health condition.

5. It is prohibited to touch heating elements due to a scolding risk.

6. Moving around various levels in the sauna cabin not equipped with safety railings requires extreme carefulness.

7. Massaging with the use of brushes is prohibited due to hygiene reasons.

8. Women during menstruation must use adequate hygienic measures.

§4.3. Behaviour in the Remaining Sauna Zone Rooms

1. Folding chairs and seats may be taken only after covering them with a sauna towel / gown.

2. The behaviour of persons in the sauna zone must not disturb other visitors or be a nuisance. All those using relaxation rooms must keep quiet and calm.

§5. Treatments in Studios

1. Treatments are conducted in the following studios: stone, wooden and cosmetic.

2. It is possible to book treatments at the Hotel Reception or HedoniSPA Reception – directly or by telephone.

3. Every treatment is preceded by an interview conducted by HedoniSPA personnel. Such an interview is aimed at determining any counter-indications for a given treatment and advising the User (Visitor) against such a treatment.

4. HedoniSPA Personnel shall not be liable for the consequences of treatments conducted despite the existing counter-indications which have not been revealed by the User (Visitor) during the interview.

5. A treatment may be cancelled at least 2 hours prior to the planned time. If the User (Visitor) cancels a treatment later or fails to cancel it, the User’s (Visitor’s) account shall be charged for such a treatment.

§6. Civil Liability

1. Piwniczna Hotel SPA&Conference shall not be held liable for the loss, destruction or damage to any objects by third parties, which were carried by the visitors to the Hotel premises.

2. Any accidents and losses must be immediately reported to the Hotel personnel. In the event of a failure to report such accidents and losses, the User (Visitor) shall be deprived of a right to claim any damage.

§7. Concluding Provisions

These Regulations shall become effective as of 17.06.2013.



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