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Piwniczna Hotel SPA & Conference is the only boutique hotel in Poland in ethno-design, which joins the elements of Lemko folklore with frugal and elegant minimalism.

The decor and colours refer to the rich culture of Black Highlanders - the dwellers of this region and Lemko people - ethnic minority living in the past in Piwniczna. Traditional regional themes are expressed in numerous additions and usable elements which enrich modern and functional interiors.

From the outside, the hotel resembles a female folk outfit of Lemko People - the top is a white blouse decorated with Lemko patterns. The bottom is a dress in colours typical for the region - red and ultramarine. There is also natural timber which is a basic building material in the traditional mountain house.

Inside, a leading theme is heath sheep which is a typical breed of sheep raised by Lemko people. It is also one of the regional symbols, that is why it is included in the crest of Piwniczna Zdrój. There is an old highlander's saying: "If you have sheep you have what you want to have". Although there are fewer sheep breeders now, many of them obtain from such sheep what they want: wool, meat and milk which can be processed to get many other products such as sheep cheese. Dishes prepared with the use of sheep products are regional items of "Czarna Owca" restaurant menu.

Numerous historical monuments thanks to the rich history of our region make sightseeing tourism develop. It is worth mentioning a regional museum with an extraordinarily rich ethnographic department with the collection of ski equipment and old ski.

The ambassador of Piwniczna Zdrój in the world of culture and our honourable guest is Danuta Szaflarska – an outstanding actress who had her debut in the theatre in Nowy Sącz. For her play in "Time to die" (2007) she received an award in the Film Festival in Gdynia.


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Project co-financed by the European Union within the frame of the Regional Operating Program of Lesser Poland Province for years 2007-2013
Unia Europejska
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